Affordable Young Driver Car Insurance Seattle

If one of your kids just received his driver’s license, you probably want to find out more about young driver auto insurance. You must know that finding cheap car insurance for inexperienced drivers could be a tricky deal. The reason behind this case happens because statistics show that young drivers convey more accidents in comparison to older, more experienced drivers. This means that a driver behind the wheel of a car is much more prone to enter any sort of accident and that’s why the insurance premiums are higher.

It is a fact that cheap young driver car insurance for a teenager is no easy task. New drivers carry with them little to no experience on the road and auto insurance companies deem this high risk. Higher risk equates to higher car insurance premiums. Like a new trainee on the job they are more likely to make mistakes and in terms of driving, more likely to get into car accidents than other more experienced drivers.

With that being said there are however known ways to save on your monthly payments by following these 3 vital tips:

Young Driver Car Insurance Tip #1

Low Mileage Auto Insurance Discounts:

Young driver insurance rates are much cheaper when the number of miles they drive are reduced. It makes sense. The less they drive the less risk they impose and the more you can save. You know that teen drivers will not be driving across the country their first year of having a drivers license nor will they be driving through rush hour traffic to work everyday.

Talk to the teen driver and agree to how much they can drive with increasing amounts each year for good driving. Give them an understanding of how much it will cost to insure them on the road. The more they understand about the cost of auto coverage, what takes to insure them and how important it is to drive safely the more seriously they will take their own driving.

Limit their mileage and state that on the application. You may be surprised at how much you will save.

Young Driver Car Insurance Tip #2

Good Student Car Insurance Discount:

By having the student driver / teen driver show more responsibility in school you end up with a bonus discount.

Auto Insurance Companies have done the research and their studies have shown that good student translates into better, safer and more focused drivers on the road. Ultimately, it is less risk for the insurer and this leads to lower premiums for you.

Save the report cards as you will need to make them available when they request it to take advantage of Good Student Discount.

Young Driver Car Insurance Tip #3

Compare Online Auto Insurance Quotes:

With one click you force each automobile insurance company to compete for your business. You force them to compete when you compare auto insurance rates. It is the most powerful method to finding cheaper auto insurance.

The monthly premiums for young drivers car insurance is never cheap because of the higher ratio of accidents involving young drivers are consistently higher than other age groups over the years. However, many teens are still going for driving lessons at a very early age under 17 such that they can be the first among their peers to be awarded with their driving license.

Do you think all they wanted is that driving license? No way! That is but a means to the end, and the latter is to drive legally on the road. Since they are not likely to afford buying a new car, that financial responsibility falls on their parents’ hands. The same goes for buying the proper teen auto insurance for young drivers. It is not cheap, but you will not want to face the consequences of them driving without auto insurance and wrecking your vehicle on the roads and endangering themselves in the process.

Instead, it is a better option to try and get cheaper auto insurance for under 21 years old such that they are adequately protected financially for any road accidents they may cause. You will not want them to suffer from high car insurance penalties and driving bans due to having no teenage car insurance.

More importantly, a good way to get cheap car insurance for young drivers is to attend defensive driving courses. Insurers recognize that such drivers take their driving experience seriously and therefore, the probability of ending up with car crashes and accidents is significantly reduced. That is why the monthly insurance premiums are reduced by as much as 30% in some cases.

Another nice benefit is that you have less to worry about your kids in knowing that they can drive more safely after attending defensive driving schools. Lack of experience is one of the main reasons for not being able to avoid traffic accidents. They will be less likely to break traffic rules or get a speeding ticket that will reflect badly on the renewal rates on their young drivers car insurance next year.